The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'

Battle Honours 1806 - 1902





Cape of Good Hope 1806SOUTH AFRICAN Yes
Rolica 1808PENINSULARAugust 17, first battle of the War, near village of Rolica, Portugal, between British under Duke of Wellington and French under General Delaborde.Yes
Vimeira 1808PENINSULARAugust 21, British engaged French forces commanded by Junot. French attacks failed and British held position.Yes
Corunna 1809PENINSULARJanuary, Napoleon lead 200,000 men into Spain. British attacks at Burgos were repelled by the French, forcing British to retreat. British evacuated from Corunna, Sir John Moore killed defending the town.Yes
Orthes 1814PENINSULARFebruary 27, War almost over, but still some battles to be won.Yes
Toulouse 1814PENINSULARApril 10, - this battle also included in the same campaign.Yes
Alma 1854CRIMEANSeptember 20, first battle of the War. A Franco-British victory over General Menchikov's Russian army. French commanded by General St. Arnaud, English commanded by Lord Raglan, the 93rd led by Sir Colin CampbellYes
Balaklava 1854CRIMEANOctober 25, 93rd (Highland) Regiment led by Sir Colin Campbell formed 'The Thin Red Line' to rout a Russian cavalry charge. More info......Yes
Sevastopol 1854CRIMEANThe victory at Alma allowed French and British forces to advance on Sevastopol. The 93rd led by Sir Colin CampbellYes
South Africa 1846-7, 1851-2-3SOUTH AFRICAN Yes
Lucknow 1857INDIAN MUTINYThe 93rd were posted to India where they contributed to the storming of the Secundrabad, the capture of the Shah Nujjif and the relief of the Lucknow garrison. 7 men won the Victoria Cross for gallantry.Yes
South Africa 1879BOER WAR I Yes
Modder RiverBOER WAR I Yes
PaardebergBOER WAR I Yes
South Africa 1899-1902BOER WAR II Yes

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