The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'

Active Service - 1st Battalion A&SH in Aden, South Arabia 1967

Map of Aden

Background Information

Aden is the main port of Yemen on the Gulf of Aden. A Treaty agreed between Turkey and Britain in 1802, allowed the British to establish an administration there until 1937, when it then became a Crown Colony.

The Aden economy is mainly supported by its oil refinery and its suitability as a refuelling stop for ships en-route through the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and around the Horn of Africa.

A move to partial self-government in 1962 created tension between rival political groups which erupted into violence in 1967. When British troops were sent there to restore order between the warring factions, they became a target for terrorism.

  Against that backcloth, the Argylls were allocated the security role in the city's main commercial district of Crater. The terrorists had established themselves in Crater, set-up their enclaves and made it difficult for British troops to enter and maintain good order.

During this turbulent period, some of the Argylls met a most violent and gruesome death at the hands of the terrorists in Crater.

Under the command of Lt Col CC Mitchell, the Battalion successfully re-occupied the Crater district and reasserted control over the Arab stronghold that had seen some of the most serious conflict between Arab terrorists and British troops. Military strategists around the world acclaimed Colonel Mitchell's actions as well-planned, well-executed and very courageous.

In 1968, Aden became the national capital of the independent Republic of South Arabia and the Argylls came home to Plymouth, England.

The General Service Medal
Aden, South Arabia

The medal was awarded to everyone who did at least 6 months active service in Aden, South Arabia in 1967 while keeping rival Arab factions from hindering the British Government's transfer of Independence to Aden.

The number, rank and name of the recipient is inscribed around the edge of the medal.


The GSM with Clasp South Arabia
GSM with Clasp
South Arabia 1967 - front


The GSM with Clasp South Arabia
GSM with Clasp
South Arabia 1967 - back

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