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Battle Honours - KOREAN WAR

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Background Information

The Korean War began on 25th June 1950 between North and South Korea when the North Koreans, prompted by the Soviet Union, invaded South Korea across the 38th parrallel.

On the 26th June 1950 a United Nations Security Council resolution was passed against the act of aggression by North Korea. The United States, the United Kingdom and another 14 members of the United Nations, under the command of General Douglas MacArthur, moved to assist the South Korean side in restoring peace to the country. China joined the War on the North Korean side under the command of Peng Te-huai.

Some 4,300,000 people were killed before an Armistice was signed and the War ended on 27th July 1953. The UN forces took 171,00 North Korean prisoners.

Even although the world had moved into the nuclear age, the Korean War was fought in a style similar to that used in Europe on the Western Front of WWI.

Combat was between infantry Regiments at the company and platoon level. The Argylls had to contend with the Korean peasants who successfully employed guerrilla tactics in the country's mountain terrain.

Helicopters and body armour were now in use for the first time in modern warfare and these two factors served to reduce the number of UN casualties and had a dramatic effect on Allied troop morale.


Pakchon, 1950-51


Yes - Victoria Cross awarded to Major K Muir

Photo © Ray Vearnals


Presidential Unit Citation

This is a copy of the Citation which resides in the War Office.

It was awarded to the 27th Brigade for action on the Naktong River during the Korean War.

The 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, The Middlesex Regiment and the Australians were included in this citation.

Photo © Ray Vearnals

Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon

The Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon was given to the Argylls at the 50th Anniversary Parade at Stirling Castle.

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