The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'

A Snapshot of Service
in 'A' Company of the Argylls
Lemgo, Germany

from the A&SH tray..........
Cyprus, military intelligence informed us that Colonel Grivas was in a Greek Cypriot mountain village. Operation 'Kingfisher' was mounted and a massive cordon of troops surrounded the village during the night. Each soldier was lying 10 yards apart with instructions to shoot anyone who moved. Middle of the night, a machine gun goes off. Everybody was petrified, but no one dared move.
Next morning we found a dead donkey, shot by an 'A' Company bren gunner.
Later that day when 'A' Company went into the cookhouse, the whole Battalion chanted - 'Hee, haw! Hee, haw!'


The Battalion arrived in Germany on the 7th October 1959 where it formed part of the BAOR.

After the heat of Cyprus and Tobruk, Stornoway Barracks in Lemgo, Westphalia, were freezing!

Our daily routine changed dramatically from that in Cyprus. Training with tanks and APC's, fieldcraft, exercises with Armoured Regiments and Corps, the odd big NATO exercise, snow training, and plenty of drill, weapon training and physical fitness, became the order of the day.
We had a great time there - stuck in the mud in Sennelager; hirplin' through the woods in Hillentrup; blawin' mair than the bagpipes in Bielefeld and happy as pigs among glaur in Hereford!

And what about those Saturday morning parades through the town of Lemgo? Kin ye no jist see it?

Proud men of the Battalion, immaculate in full kilt order; Drum Major Jimmy Malloch and Pipe Major Andrew Pitkeathly leading the Pipes and Drums, playing their best 6/8 marches; gleaming black brogues and white spats all gliding in step; streets lined with people; folk hanging from every window; the thumping beat of the big drum bouncing off the houses and back into our skulls, and some of us wishing we had drunk less in the NAAFI the night before!

'A' Company in Lemgo

'A' Company winter training in Winterberg
Photo © H M Aitken
The boys of 'A' Company during winter training in Winterberg.

Tumbling down hillsides up to our necks in snowdrifts, fingers so swollen they could hardly get inside the rifle trigger guard, sleeping in our full kit in a tin hut in the hills. "Ah did it for you, maw!!!!"
A couple of posers from 'A' Company
Photo © H M Aitken
A couple of posers from 'A' Company at Stornoway Barracks, Lemgo.

One lucky sod ready for a night out in Lemgo town, the other stuck in camp on guard duty!
The tall, dark, handsome one is Jimmy Hogg from the Yetts o' Muckhart.
Stornoway Barracks Officers' Mess as it is today
Photo © Andreas Hagmeister
These 3 photographs were submitted by
Andreas Hagmeister
(Ex German Army),
and resident of Lemgo.

The Officers' Mess,
Stornoway Barracks,
Lemgo, as it looks today.
Stornoway Barracks 'D' Company block as it is today
Photo © Andreas Hagmeister
Stornoway Barracks 'D' Company block,
Lemgo, as it looks today.

It has been converted to civilian flats.
Stornoway Barracks Sergeants' Mess as it is today
Photo © Andreas Hagmeister
Stornoway Barracks Sergeants' Mess,
Lemgo, as it looks today.

It has been converted to a School.

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