The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'

Contributions by Norman McKay - 1958-60

If you recognise anyone in the photographs, or would like to submit any material to the web site, please send details.

I was in 'D' Company from August 1958 to July 1960, serving in Limni Mines, Dhekelia and Lemgo.

The web site brings back many happy memories. I am still in contact with friends I made in 1st Battalion A&SH all those years ago.

I also spent some time with the Parachute Regiment after my service with the Argylls. But I have always defended them against all this "crap-hat" nonsense, by telling those who wished to hear that some of the best soldiers I ever served with were in the 1st Battalion A&SH.

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