The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'



A Bothy Ballad.
Written by an ex-Lovat Scout about an Officer of the Seventh Battalion. Although the 93rd is mentioned, it is felt this inaccuracy may be pardoned and perhaps covered by poetic licence.

Oh, Jimmy's awa' wi' the Ninety-third
Tae the Palace o' Holyrood,
Wi' kilt an' sporran an' bonnet an' a',
An' he's lookin' awfie guid!

The Colonel says tae him, " Jimmy, my lad,
Will ye cairry oor Colours sae braw.
An' tak' your pairt o' the Queen's Review
Wi' a hundred pipers an' a' ? "

"Aye," says Jimmy, " I'll help ye oot:"
Indeed, I'd like it fine.
I'll cairry the Flag o' the 93rd
And thicken your Thin Red Line!"

The sun shone doon on the Great Parade
(This was none o' your Wet Review);
The Hielan' Division was on the mairch
An' Jimmy was mairching too!

The Queen stands at the Salutin' Base ;
Each Regiment gives "Eyes Richt! "
She says tae the Duke, " They're no sae bad,"
Then Jimmy he comes in sicht!

The Queen gives a kind o' a jump, an' she cries,
" That's a Ram-rod there! My worrd."
" Awa'," says the Duke, " D'ye no ken Jim?
That's Jim o' the 93rd!"

Then the crood on Airthur's Seat gives a roar,
An' the Generals gang half mad,
An' the folk back hame by their Tellie sets
Cry, "Look! it's Jimmy; Oor Lad!"

Noo they've offered him work wi' the B.B.C.,
Tae mairch on Television.
" Ye can keep your Kirk o' Shotts," says Jim,
"I'll stick tae the Hielan Division!"

Oor Jimmy's the pride o' the 93rd,
An' the hero o' Holyrood,
Wi kilt and sporran an' bonnet an' a',
An' he's lookin' awfie guid!

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