The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

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History - 1921 to 1930
1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

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1921IndiaPoona Wanowri Barracks, Poona
1 January Proclamation parade, Poona.
23 January to 25 February H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught visited Poona. Guard furnished by Battalion under Captain E. P. Buchanan, M.C.
12 March Change of title and designation of Regiment. Renamed The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)
21 March Publication of first volume Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Journal.
31 October Lt.-Colonel Hyslop resumed command of Battalion.
19 November Visit of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales to Poona. Guard of Honour under Captain C. B. Robertson, M.C. Remainder of Battalion lined the streets.
1922IndiaPoona Wanowri Barracks, Poona
1 January Proclamation parade, Poona.
22 February to 4 March Battalion training and thirty-mile test march.
July 22 Information received that Battalion would relieve 1st Black Watch at Allahabad during trooping season.
18 September Poona Horse Show.
11 October R.Q.M.S. McQueen left Battalion for U.K. after twenty-seven years' service.
3 November Advance party to Allahabad under Major A. R. G. Wilson, D.S.O.
10 November Battalion entrained for Allahabad.
12 November Battalion arrived Allahabad.
20 November Inspection by General Sir H. Hudson, K.C.B., K.C.S.L, A.D.C., General Officer Commanding Eastern Command.
1923IndiaAllahabad Allahabad
1 January Proclamation parade, Allahabad.
27 January News received that Battalion would be leaving India in next trooping season.
19 March H.R.H. The Princess Louise, Colonel-in-Chief, presented with a diamond brooch from the officers, past and present, of both battalions.
28 March Lt.-Colonel H. H. G. Hyslop, D.S.O., left for U.K. on completion of command.
4 April Major and Brevet Lt.-Colonel G. W. Muir arrived and assumed command of the Battalion.
12 April Regimental Committee met at Stirling Castle, with Brigadier-General Cavendish in the Chair, to select the Battle Honours for emblazonment on the King's Colour.
24 July Receipt of annual inspection report 1922-23.
1 October Lt. C. Hetherwick, M.C., appointed Adjutant vice Captain J. H. Young, D.S.O., M.C.
1 to 2 November H.E. the Viceroy of India visited Allahabad. Guard of Honour under Captain G. F. Maclean, M.C. Guard over Government House under Lt. A. T. Wilson.
2 November Pre-war Mess jacket reintroduced.
11 December Brooke Bond Rifle Competition.
15 December Farewell inspection by Colonel-Commandant Stewart.
17 December Queen's Royal Regiment arrived Allahabad.
18 December 1st A. & S.H. entrained for Bombay.
22 December 1st A. & S.H. embarked for Egypt in "H.T. Derbyshire".
22 December "H.T. Derbyshire" left Bombay with 1st A. & S.H. for Egypt.
At Sea
1 January "H.T. Derbyshire" arrived Suez.
2 January Battalion occupied Moascar Camp, Ismailia.
16 January Inspection by Colonel-Commandant W. G. Braithwaite.
30 January Notification of Battle Honours.
5 February Major A. W. R. Sprot, D.S.O., selected to command Regimental Depot.
16 February Alexandria Brigade to Brigade Training Camp at Maadi.
11 March Inter-Brigade exercise.
12 August Medical inspection of Battalion to verify fitness for active service. Warning order to move to Sudan.
14 August Final orders for move to Sudan.
16 August Battalion entrained for Suez. Embarkation in "H.T. Egypt". Distribution on arrival. Battalion less two companies to Khartoum, one company to El Obeid, one company less two platoons Atbara, two platoons to Wadi Haifa.
17 August "H.T. Egypt" left Suez.
20 August "H.T. Egypt" arrived Port Sudan 8 p.m.
21 August Battalion less 'A' Company entrained for Khartoum 9 a.m. 'A' Company entrained for Atbara.
22 August Battalion less 'A' Company arrived Khartoum 9 p.m.
26 August 'C' Company left Khartoum for El Obeid.
29 September Captain R. Dickie, M.C., assumed duties of Adjutant.
1 October Lt.-Colonel G. W. Muir entered Millbank Hospital for operation.
26 October Major J. R. Couper rejoined and assumed command vice Major A. R. G. Wilson, D.S.O.
19 November Sirdar and Governor-General Sudan shot and severely wounded in Cairo.
21 November Death of the Sirdar Sir Lee Stack.
23 November Conference at Khartoum. Terms of British ultimatum to Egypt explained.
24 November Cordon placed round Egyptian battalions and pack battery barracks.
24 - 25 November Evacuation of Egyptian details and departments from Khartotoum South. No change Khartoum North.
27 November Sudanese troops broke out into open rebellion. Acting Sirdar made last attempt to bring mutineers to reason, 1st A. & S.H. opened fire 6 p.m. Mutineers broke into hospital and killed S.M.O. and other British personnel.
2/3 November At dawn mutineers found barricaded in Egyptian officers' Mess, hospital compound. First two assaults failed with casualties to British troops. Captured at third attempt. Hospital compound cleared by 3 p.m. No further close contact with mutineers.
29 November Said Pasha Barracks surrounded but found unoccupied, 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment less two companies arrived Khartoum, 1st A. & S.H. returned to barracks.
30 November The Acting Sirdar addressed the Battalion.
1 December Brigade Headquarters for British Brigade arrived Khartoum.


The following casualties resulted from the action against the mutineers in Khartoum on 27th to 28th November 1924:


2/Lt. D. P. 0. S. McLaren, L/Cpl. W. Howie, Pte. R. Dick, Pte. T. Values, Pte. A. Marshall

Died of Wounds

Pte. J. Caldwell, on 18th December 1924.


L/Cpl. W. Byles, Pte. W. Whitehead, Pte. G. Wishart, Pte. W. Phelps, Pte. G. Willis, Pte. T. Porter, Pte. J. Reid

1 December officer and 44 other ranks to Malakal. 'D' Company to Wad Medani.
3 December Pack battery and detachment of armoured cars arrived Khartoum to reinforce garrison. Major A. R. G. Wilson, D.S.O., rejoined Battalion.
5 December 'B' Company relieved from civil prison guard duties.
14 December Memorial service for those who lost their lives on 27th and 28th November.
18 December News received that Battalion was to be relieved by 1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment.
21 December 'C' and 'D' Companies rejoined at Khartoum. Major Wilson and Lt. Macintyre advance party to Egypt.
26 December 'C' and 'D' Companies and part of Headquarter Wing left for Port Sudan en route for Egypt.

Khartoum, Sudan.
2 January 'C' and 'D' Companies arrived Suez.
7 January Battalion Headquarters and 'B' Company left for Port Sudan; 'A' Company, less two platoons, joined train at Atbara.
9 January Battalion Headquarters 'A' and 'B' Companies embarked at Port Sudan.
14 January Arrived Suez.
17 January Battalion moved to Citadel, Cairo.
17 to 27 February Brigade training at Mena.
1 April Lt.-Colonel G. W. Muir rejoined from sick leave and resumed command.
6 to 8 April Colonel-Commandant R. H. Mangles carried out his annual inspection.
20 April Inspection by General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.
2 June Calgary Highlanders, Canadian Militia, allied to the Regiment.
21 October Battalion furnished Guard of Honour at Cairo main railway station on arrival of His Excellency the High Commissioner, Lord Lloyd of Dolobran.
3 November Honours and awards announced for distinguished services in Khartoum.
20 November Death of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra.
1926EgyptCairo Citadel, Cairo
13 February Major J. R. Couper invested with the Distinguished Service Order by G.O.C.-in-C.
28 April Presentation of New Colours by His Excellency the High Commissioner, Lord Lloyd of Dolobran, P.C., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., D.S.O.
1927EgyptCairo Citadel, Cairo
May 31 General Sir Richard Haking left Cairo on vacating command of British troops in Egypt.
29 June Major A. W. R. Sprot, D.S.O., assumed command of the Battalion vice Lt.-Colonel G. W. Muir.
Citadel, Cairo
3 January Colonel-Commandant Cairo Brigade carried out his annual inspection.
4 February Farewell inspection by Lt.-General Sir E. P. Strickland, K.C.B., K.B.E., C.M.G., D.S.O., commanding British Troops in Egypt.
15 February 2nd Battalion The Royal Scots relieved the Battalion at the Citadel. Battalion entrained for Port Said.
16 February Battalion embarked in "H.T. Nevasa" for Southampton.
27 February Battalion arrived Southampton in "H.T. Nevasa". Met by Colonel McMahon, Equerry to H.R.H. The Princess Louise. Entrained for Napier Barracks, Shorncliffe.
29 February Inspection by Colonel T. W. Stansfield, C.M.G., D.S.O., Commander l0th Infantry Brigade.
5 April Draft of 260 other ranks to 2nd Battalion in the West Indies.
16 to 18 July Her Royal Highness The Princess Louise visited the Battalion at Shorncliffe.
21 August The original titles of Drum-Major and Pipe-Major were revived.
1 to 23 September Brigade and Divisional exercises at Colchester.
1 December Captain D. H. Macintyre relinquished appointment of Adjutant. Lt. T. C. J. Dickson succeeded.
31 December Battalion strength 469.
1929EnglandShorncliffe Napier Barracks, Shorncliffe.
February 5 Lt.-Colonel A. W. R. Sprot, D.S.O., initiated the annual service to commemorate the raising of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders on l0th February 1794.
29 March 13th London Regiment attached to the Battalion for five days.
2 to 15 June 4th Battalion The Buffs attached to the Battalion.
November War Office sanctioned the wearing of white metal collar-badge in blue patrol jacket.
31 December Battalion strength 430.
Napier Barracks, Shorncliffe.
2 May Territorial Army year commenced. Battalion assisted in the training of 56th Division (1st London).
3 June Brigade paraded in honour of H.M. The King's Birthday. Battalion trooped the King's Colour.
September Divisional exercises in Suffolk.
19 November Battalion arrived in Edinburgh and marched to Redford Barracks.
31 December Battalion strength 354.

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