The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'

History - 1941 to 1950
1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

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1941North Africa
North Africa
3/41-5/41 part of 16 Infantry Brigade of 6 Infantry Division in North Africa.
17/18 May moved from Egypt to Crete. formed part of the Creforce
28/29 May remnants of battalion left Crete and returned to Egypt.
17 July battalion left Egypt and moved to Asmara, Eritrea arrived on 27th July.
6 October B Coy left the battalion and moved to garrison Kufra Oasis for 9 months.
November took part in the attack on Abysinnia (Gondar area).
29 November 1 A & SH (-) arrive in Gondar.
21 December battalion arrived in Khartoum.
1942The Sudan
11 April Cruachan I died.
6 May 1 A & SH moved from Khartoum to Cairo.
18 May B Coy left Kufra Oasis and rejoined the battalion in Cairo.
27 July came under command of 21 Ind Infantry Brigade, 10 Ind Infantry Division in Egypt.
3 August 1 A & SH moved into a defensive position at Bueib.
15 August battalion moved to Shamla.
23 August came under command of 161 Ind Infantry Brigade, 5 Ind Infantry Division.
Late August 1 A & SH arrived at Ruweisat Ridge (El Alamein) as part of 10 Indian Division.
23 October Start of Battle of El Alamein.
30 November came under command of British Troops in Egypt.
1 December battalion returned to Alexandria (HQ, A and C Coys to Mustapha Bks, B and C Coys at Sidi Bishr Camp).
Alexandria - British Troops Egypt.
20 January B Coy moved from Alexandria to Rafah, Palestine to the Army Tank School for special training.
Late March 1 A & SH moved from Alexandria to Hadera, Palestine, B Coy rejoined battalion there.
1 April 1 A & SH was redesignated No 33 (A & SH) Beach Brick.
30 June No 33 (A & SH) Beach Brick was concentrated on ships at Port Said.
10 July 51st Division lands in Sicily, No 33 (A & SH) Beach Brick lands in Sicily.
27 July No 33 Beach Brick was disbanded.
29 July 1 A & SH took over in the Front line in Sicily from 7th Royal Marines.
11 August 1 A & SH reformed No 33 Beach Brick near Mister Bianco.
3 September No 33 (A & SH) Beach Brick lands in Italy.
19 September No 33 Beach Brick was disbanded, 1 A & SH began training for front line.
1-14 October 1 A & SH were in the Gallico Marina area, Italy.
23 October 1 A & SH left Italy and reached Alexandria on the 30th November, moved into Sidi Bishr.
17 November 1 A & SH moved to Mena camp.
Castel Frentano
Mena Camp, Egypt - British Troops Egypt.
6 January battalion moved to Ataqa near Suez.
3 February 1 A & SH left Egypt on "HMT Dilwara" and arrived at Taranto on 8th Feb, joined 8 Indian Division.
28 February joined 19 Ind Infantry Brigade, 8 Ind Infantry Division in Italy.
8 March 1 A & SH moved into the front line at Arielli, Italy.
30 March battalion moved out of the front line and into billets in Castel Frentano.
5 April took over from the Royal Fusiliers in the front line in the Poggiofiorito area.
10 April handed over front line to 4th Battalion 16th Punjab Regiment, and moved back to Larino in the hills above the Biferrno river.
28 April took over the Zupparielli position of the Gustav Line.
3 May handed over its section of the Gustav line to 6/13 Frontier Force Rifles. 1 A & SH took part in the crossing of the Rapido river at the Battle of Monte Cassino.
1947PalestineMiddle East 
1948Scotland 1st and 2nd Battalions amalgamated - no change of name
1949Hong Kongsouthern coast of China 
1950South KoreaPusanformed part of the 27th Infantry Brigade - 1 VC won at Hill 282, Songju

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