The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'


Edinburgh 1962

It's Tattoo Time at Redford,
The queues are long and thick,
Tony Beagley and his cooks
Nearly all went sick.

Paras, Sailors, Marines and Boys,
Stampede in search of food,
Rennie in the Pastry
Is restrained from being rude.

Robbie on the chip pan
Is frying night and day,
There'll be a job to stop him,
When the performers go away.

Cpls Quinn and "Andy Pandy,"
Early shifts and late,
Are trying hard to manage
One egg, one man, one plate.

Butchers Braid and Campbell,
" Slice it down the ridge,"
Canny find the handcuffs
to lock their broken fridge.

Pte Lamb is on the Salads,
Wallace-he's on duff,
Nairn won't cook the kippers,
He's just gone in the huff.

Clark-" Get oot ma Breed Store ! "
Is now knee deep in marge,
He'll make you up a JEELY PIECE
Then put you on a charge.

Big chief Jocky Stoddart,
Heilan King of Bins,
" Ye haftae get permission
To mix tea leaves with they tins."

" I'll sort it!" Cpl Wallace
Is i/c DRO's,
" Time and Study's what we need, Sir,
To feed 'em all in rows."

Ginger Andrews " watch your rations "
And Sgt Turner often pray,
That Cpl Campbell screws the bobbin
To make the grub last all the day.

To your Bellingham, Jardine and the rest
Just started in the trade,
You are doing bloody well, boys,
Keep it up-you'll make the grade.

To the cooks up at Balmoral
And out around the messes,
Good Luck with your menus
And watch your leave addresses!

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