The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

'Sans Peur'       Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders red and white dicing       'Ne Obliviscaris'

WW2 or Back to Adam ©

Tom Barker

We were bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea,
and received a message that we were at war.
With strutting Hitler and his sick crony
Mussolini with a craggy jaw.

One was as mad as a hatter,
while the other a dangerous loon.
Stalin watched impassive from his grandstand.
but he too would be drawn-in soon.

Goering the sad doped-up reflection,
a once proud flyer of World War One.
But like a weed he had gone to seed,
a complete opposite of the Rising Sun.

Dressed in silk and flashing diamonds,
indeed a pompous buffoon.
Inspecting the ranks of the Nasties,
like an escaped barrage balloon.

Hitler the idol of Kraut land,
a name the Jews learned to dread
Favoured Germany in its hour of need,
by implanting a lead slug in his head.

Murder and mayhem in China,
as Japan did rape and pillage.
Shooting, stabbing and beheadings,
as they raced through every village.

They spoke of honour and chivalry,
and bowed at the drop of a hat.
Then suddenly shed all the play acting,
joining the league of the gutter rat.

Like a bunch of out of work coolies,
the Japs decided to wage war.
Rapings, looting and torture,
like maggots invading manure.

Now we have mad Mullahs everywhere,
grovelling to the East on the floor.
Threatening the world with devastation,
and bringing more death to our door.

Perhaps someone will invent a big bomb,
that will put an end to our universe.
God will perchance move the gear stick too late,
and everything will move in reverse.

When the World is gone where we squabble and fight,
and religion a thing of the past.
With space that is forever like one black frozen night,
will there be a still silence forever at last?

Anyone for a last hot toddy?

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