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A Snapshot of Service
'A' Company
Tobruk War Cemetery - 1958

Map of Libya

Background Information

Being Libya's only natural harbour on the Mediterranean Sea, Tobruk was of major military importance in the North African Campaign of World War II.

The town suffered heavy and sustained attacks during the War and as a result changed hands frequently. In November 1942, after the el Alamein conflict, the town eventually fell to the British. However, there were severe losses of all nationalities on the Allied side and the War Cemetery at Tobruk is a testament to that.

The local people tell heroic stories of the siege of Tobruk during World War II and how they saw wave after wave of brave Black Watch soldiers being mowed-down as they advanced to liberate the town.
After the War, the town was rebuilt and King Idris I returned to live in the palace.

The British retained a significant presence in Libya with bases at Tobruk, el Adem, Benghazi, and Tripoli.

While on detachment in Tobruk it was a good opportunity to learn something of the action that took place in the Siege of the town during WW II and to see at first hand the devastation to lives, caused by the fighting.

On the 9th November 1958, 'A' Company took part in the very moving Memorial Day Parade at the British War Cemetery, Tobruk.

Photo © Ted Marston
This is where we did the Guard of honour on the 8th November 1958.
This photo of the Cemetery was taken in October 2005.

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