The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

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A Snapshot of Service

'A' Company
Tobruk - 1958

Map of Libya
  from the A&SH tray..........
Stirling Castle esplanade, platoon on drill parade, many visitors watching from buses all around the esplanade. Drill corporal showing off, issues the command 'Squad, Shun!' Both sets of his false teeth spurt out onto the ground leaving an empty black cakehole. Drill squad and watching visitors disintegrate into fits of laughter.
Corporal stoops to retrieve his false teeth with his dignity in tatters.

Background Information

Most of our time in Tobruk was taken-up with desert training, fieldcraft, infantry weapons and physical fitness.

Most people will be aware of how hot the desert can be in the daytime, but it's not so well known how cold it gets in the night.

Photo © H M Aitken
L/Cpl Tam McBride
who accompanied 'A' Company to Tobruk


We soon experienced this at first hand, while living in bivouacs during our desert training. Most of us slept with our kit on to try and combat the night cold.

Trips into Tobruk were frequent and very safe. This was a pleasant change from the tense, hostile atmosphere we often felt in the towns and villages of Cyprus.

Our time in Tobruk was well occupied with various important events, such as:-
  • 6th October the Commanding Officer visited us from the Battalion's base in Cyprus.
  • 9th November - we held a Memorial Day Parade at the British War Cemetery, Tobruk.
  • 11th November - the Company provided a Guard of Honour and Riot Control Demonstration to King Idris of Libya.

There was plenty of time to get to know the RAF boys and to see how 'cushie' they had it.

It was also a time for getting to know each other better, in a more relaxed environment and to recharge our batteries, before returning to Cyprus. After all, most of us were still in our teens and many of the Jocks had never been abroad nor stayed away from home before!

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